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Photo Name Title E-mail Phone Office
Shih-Wang Wu Associate Professor and Chairman scottwu101@mail.cnu.edu.tw 5210 Q410
Jin-Liang Chen Professor chrysoluces@gmail.com 5215 Q421
Hsuan Lo Professor lohsuan@mail.cnu.edu.tw 5224 Q414
Weir-Sen Lin Associate Professor weirsen@mail.cnu.edu.tw 5103 Q218
Shofang Chang Associate Professor ctpaul@ms10.hinet.net 5205 Q410
Ching-Huei Chen Associate Professor wilsonchen0831@yahoo.com.tw 5208 Q410
An-Li Sui Associate Professor anlisui@mail.cnu.edu.tw 5214 Q420
Yu-Cheng Chen Associate Professor ycchen@mail.cnu.edu.tw 5105 Q419
Wann-Jyi Horng Associate Professor hwj7902@mail.cnu.edu.tw 5220 Q410
Ju-Ling Hsiao Associate Professor mayo5012@gmail.com 5106 Q414
Ya-Wen Hsu Associate Professor janicehsu@mail.cnu.edu.tw 5229 Q413
Pi-Jung Hsieh Associate Professor beerun@seed.net.tw 5223 Q414
Hui-Fang Chen Assistant Professor chf1498@mail.cnu.edu.tw 5212 Q420
Mei-Chu Wei Assistant Professor meichuwei@mail.cnu.edu.tw 5206 Q410
Shin-Hwa Tao Assistant Professor lintao@mail.cnu.edu.tw 5216 Q413
Ta-Yung Pan Assistant Professor yangmei1968@yahoo.com.tw 5213 Q415
Tsong-Huey Wu Assistant Professor thwu@mail.cnu.edu.tw 5218 Q413
Yen-Hung Kuo Assistant Professor phielk@gmail.com 5226 Q415
Ming-Chuan Hsieh Assistant Professor janniehsieh@gmail.com 5203 Q410
Li-Chin Chung Assistant Professor alanjack@mail.cnu.edu.tw 5222 Q410
Ching-Wen Chen Assistant Professor box105@mail.cnu.edu.tw 1571 A601
Chunpao Fan Lecturer fannie@mail.cnu.edu.tw 5202 Q410

Chia Nan University of Pharmacy & Science Department of Hospital and Health Care Administration

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