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Master’s Program


There is a total of 30 credits, including Core Course 12 credits, Elective Courses 12 credits and Thesis 6 credits.

Core Courses: 12 credits

  1. Research Methods in Health Services, 2 credits/2 hrs
  2. Advanced Statistics and Practices, 2 credits/3 hrs
  3. Health Care Organization and Management, 2 credits/2 hrs
  4. Health Care Organization Analysis and Decision Making, 2 credits/2 hrs
  5. Seminar (I), 1 credit/2 hrs  
  6. Seminar (II), 1 credit/2 hrs   
  7. Seminar (III), 1 credit/2 hrs  
  8. Seminar (IV), 1 credit/2 hrs  

Elective Courses: 12 credits

  1. Health Law and Policy, 2 credits/2 hrs
  2. Project Management, 2 credits/3 hrs
  3. Medical Information Management, 2 credits/2 hrs
  4. Performance Management in Health Care, 2 credits/2 hrs
  5. Electric Medical Records, 2 credits/2 hrs
  6. Data Mining, 2 credits/4 hrs
  7. Medical Internet and Informatics Safety, 2 credits/3 hrs
  8. Multivariable Analysis, 2 credits/2 hrs Seminar,

Thesis Courses: 6 credits


Bachelor’s Program

There is a total of 130 credits, including Core Course 70 credits, Elective Courses 28 credits, General Knowledge Courses 32 credits,


Core Courses:

Courses related to health care management, biostatistics, public health, information technology and health care service are included.


Elective Courses:

Three career oriented course modules are designed to incubate basic managers and personnel in health care organizations,   including:

1.      Health care business planning management

2.      Health care service marketing management

3.      Health care service administration”.


Cross Domain Course Programs:

Courses integrating special domain knowledge such as long-term care, information technology, and tourism are offered. These programs, such as “Health Information Management”, “Health Research Assistant”, “Long-term Care Service Management”, “Professional Secretary and Administrative Personnel” and “Medical Tourism Project Management”, can assist students to get professional certifications and increase the integration of their abilities and skills.



Chia Nan University of Pharmacy & Science Department of Hospital and Health Care Administration

60, Section 1, Erh-Jen Road, Jen-Te Hsiang, Tainan, Taiwan 71701, R.O.       TEL : (886)6-2664911 ext 5200.(886)6-3661291

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