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Educational Objectives and Teaching Features

  The aim of the department is to cultivate excellent professionals in health care services. Trainings in information technology, data analysis, problem-solving, decision making and strategic management are also emphasized in the curriculum.


Educational objectives are as follows:

Master’s Program

1.      Cultivating future senior managers in health care services

2.      Developing students’ skills of data analysis and problem-solving

3.      Encouraging students to show their conformity, innovation, and strategic ability

4.      Cultivating international communication and leadership skills in students


Bachelor’s Program

1.      Training students to become basic and middle-level personnel

2.      Developing students’ professional management knowledge

3.      Developing students’ practical abilities in information technology and languages

4.      Cultivating  students' the qualities in respect for life, social service, humanity and the law

5.      Cultivating students by the skills of communication and problem-solving

6.      Equipping  students with  practical skills in project management, health service marketing, and administrative assistance


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